In an age of globalization, cultural sensitivity and understanding are vital for achieving peaceful solutions, as well as for our nation’s youth to be successful in an ever-changing global arena. Cenet’s local program, Culture in the Community (CITC), aims to provide authentic cultural education and activities to area schools and groups.

Youth Programs

Culture in the Classroom

A core program under the CITC umbrella is Culture in the Classroom; this program provides international education in area schools for grades K-12. To inquire about CITC or to schedule a classroom visit, please email citc@cenet.org.

Boys & Girls Club

Cenet has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to provide interactive, international education programs. If your group is interested in booking a CITC session, please email citc@cenet.org.

Concordia Language Scholarships

Cenet provides scholarships to the world-renowned Concordia Language Villages. If your child is interested in applying for a scholarship, please email citc@cenet.org.

Adult Programs

Cultural Classroom

Although Culture in the Classroom has provided free education for thousands of area students, Cenet has decided to take the program one step further by also providing cultural experiences for local educators. In 2019, Cenet launched Cultural Classroom. The mission is simple: to inspire greater cultural competency and create a better quality of life for our community members. The program includes access to workshops as well as a paid trip abroad. For more details from our 2019 trip, please see our blog.


Cenet organizes various fundraisers to support our youth programs. Follow the Cenet Facebook page for event postings or email citc@cenet.org.