Cenet and SNOW Host Alumni Event in Kingston, Jamaica

As February 2020 closed out, the team at Cenet and Student Networking Opportunities Worldwide (SNOW) hosted 21 previous participants from the Summer Work Travel (SWT) program for an alumni lunch.


Alumni and program directors gathered at 100 Restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica. Attendees represented SWT programs in three different states with a variety of different US host companies. Travel stories, advice to those returning for repeat programs, and cries of wanderlust were shared by all. When asked how their exchange experience had changed them, many answered with stories of increased confidence and new friendships. “I have now became a person that knows how to adapt to change and carry out my responsibilities. I wasn’t one who checked my email regularly and now it feels normal. I now know how to interact with other races and participate in various activities.”


Below are some additional memories shared by program alumni:


What is your favorite memory of your time spent in the US?

“My favorite memory in the US was keeping a pool party for my patrons at the pool and providing them with some authentic Jamaican food which includes jerk chicken, jerk pork, oxtail, fry plantain, rice and peas etc.” -Delroy Howard


How has your exchange experience changed you?

“The program has changed me and shown me that all cultures are unique and have fun in them. I have accomplished an extensively open mind towards different cultures and people.” -Tevin Campbell


What piece of advice would you give to others considering an exchange program in the US?

“I would recommend any individuals who want to experience the diversity of cultures to do so 100%.”


Special thanks to SNOW and 100 Restaurant for providing food and drinks, and for all alumni in attendance for sharing their experiences with Cenet!

Cenet strives to inspire a safer, more prosperous and compassionate world through international education and cultural exploration.