Cenet Presents at New Madrid County Classrooms

Earlier this month, Cenet staff member Laura Fumis presented on her home country of Croatia to students at New Madrid County Central High School. The presentations were organized by 2019 Cultural Classroom participant Andy Tilmon as an additional opportunity for cultural education in his social studies classes. Topics covered included geography, history, politics, language, and Laura’s personal experiences growing up in Croatia. Each presentation ended with the students trying a couple of Croatian sweets.


Laura has participated in multiple exchange programs during her university studies, so she acknowledges the importance of intercultural exposure at a young age. Although this was an opportunity for her to share differences in her culture, she says she found the experience to be an even better demonstration of how much people of all backgrounds have in common.


Laura is currently working at Cenet as a part of her recent completion of a Master’s program in Management Science at Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO). She also participated in a semester-long program through Magellan Exchange at SEMO in 2016.


For more details on Cenet’s Cultural Classroom program, we encourage you to check out this article on our 2019 trip to the Dominican Republic.

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